A little note from us here at Purely Organic as you may have noticed our packaging changing with a small blue sticker. We want to make sure our customers are aware that we are doing our utmost to protect our hens from Avian Influenza and the steps we are taking. As there has been an increase in cases in the UK, the government has informed us that all free-ranging flocks must be under a housing order from DEFRA.

This means that for the time being, our hens are kept safe within their barns to minimise the risk of getting poorly. As the number of cases rise in the UK we have not yet been informed of when this housing order will be lifted, but we are hopeful that with all UK farms taking action and protecting their hens, that it will be lifted really soon. We know our girls are missing their time outside, but keeping them separate from potentially infectious wild birds is a must at the moment. We care for our hens enormously and their welfare is our highest priority, this is why we want our customers to directly know the steps we have had to take to protect them.

To find out how we usually look after our hens CLICK HERE

Good for you, Good for farms, Good for hens.
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