So what make our eggs
purely organic?

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The Natural Way

The highest quality organic eggs

In order for an egg to be classed as organic, hens must have access to the outdoors all day. At Purely Organic we know our hens represent the true meaning of ‘free range’ and produce the highest quality organic eggs.

Understanding the difference between other eggs

At Purely Organic we are proud that all of our organic eggs have come from chemical, GM and antibiotic free hens. We are also proud to be the first UK egg brand to package all our organic eggs in carbon neutral egg boxes. You can find our Purely Organic eggs in boxes of 6 or 10.

So when you crack open our Purely Organic eggs, to make that fluffy cake or perfect omelette, you know you are supporting natural farming methods that work with nature, not against it.

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The Natural Way

Understanding the
difference from other eggs

Single egg

The benefits
of our eggs


Good for you

Organic eggs have loads of benefits starting with their fantastic nutritional contents.  They are a great source of protein, they contain vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D, B12, B6, zinc, iron and copper. They help form a healthy diet, and let’s not forget, organic eggs taste amazing in all their forms!


Good for Hens

We feed our organic hens a natural balanced diet, just as nature intended. We never use chemicals, antibiotics or a GM diet. We make the feed ourselves and when our hens aren’t eating our home made feed they are pecking at fresh fruit, foraging in natural grasses and eating insects and bugs.  


Good for the planet

We work with nature, not against it. This means that everything we use in our organic farming methods is natural, pure and good for the planet. We are even the only uk egg brand to package our eggs in carbon neutral egg boxes.

Good morning from our girls
Turkish eggs for an Autumnal Saturday morning. Thank you @pescatarianldn for this amazing recipe
Good for hens, good for the planet
Happy #WorldEggDay everyone!
The Autumn sun still shines on our girls
Our girls are truly free range and love to explore
Straight from the farm to your plate
Organic land enriched with fruit trees and wildflowers. Food as it should be and food you can trust.
Absolutely no antibiotics are used on our farms. Food as it should be and food you can trust.
Our Purely Organic farms bring the heart back to farming 🥚💛
How will you have your eggs this morning?🥚
Our organic farms ensure snack time is always delicious

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