We built our farms to give our hens the best lives.

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The Natural Way

Farms that work with nature for nature

At Purely Organic we take it back to good old fashioned farming. Our farms are small, local and family owned, bringing the heart back to farming and looking after our hens the best we can! We work with nature, not against it. Our Purely Organic farms are all certified organic with absolutely no synthetic fertilisers or pesticides.

Our organic pastures are full of wild flowers, bugs, insects, hedge rows, trees, herbs, natural grasses; the way the land is meant to be! This keeps our hens busy all day, but we also recognise our affect on the planet. By keeping farming natural and pure, we protect ecosystems, wildlife and biodiversity.

large open farm

Our Hens Have

Large open spaces

Large dust baths

Our Hens Have

Large dust baths

grassland for forraging

Our Hens Have

Grasslands for foraging

small flock sizes

Our Hens Have

Small flock sizes

no pesticides or fertiliser

Our Hens Have

No pesticides or fertiliser used on the land

fruit trees

Our Hens Have

Fruit trees and wild flowers to encourage foraging

Behind the scenes... how our eggs get to you!
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